Arlington Chamber Foundation Legacy Endowment Program

imageFinancial security may be defined in a variety of ways. Most commonly described as a standard of living now and in the foreseeable future is the long-standing set of words associated with financial security. Tax laws have changed. Life expectancy is increasing. Your family’s future needs are unknown. A positive outlook for your community is playing an ever-increasing level of importance. Traditional methods to achieving financial security fall short in today’s economic environment. Achieving financial security may require a new approach offering growth opportunities for you, your heirs and the community.

If you have amassed wealth, own a business and possibly have real estate, you may be may be nearing some critical decisions. But, before you do, consider an option that provides three significant tax-savings benefits:

1. More money for your retirement years.
2. More money for your heirs.
3. AND, more money to charities.

If the concept described piques your interest, you may be a prime candidate for the Foundation Legacy Endowments. We encourage you to contact the Arlington Chamber of Commerce Foundation to set up an appointment between you, your financial advisor AND our Legacy Endowment Professional.



The Arlington Chamber Foundation Legacy Endowment Fund is a permanent pool of member investor capital that earns interest or income each year. This income is then directed in the areas you choose to support – your retirement, your heirs, or charities you support.


Advantages are realized by individuals with a portfolio of financial resources that may have serious tax implications. Applied correctly, many of the investments can be tax deferred or even void of taxes if invested in endowment-type products. The Arlington Chamber Legacy Endowments were established with those goals in mind. If you have appreciated assets, and are charitably inclined, you can take advantage of the services now. The longer you live, the more benefits you may realize. And those same benefits translate to your heirs and the community.


Consider clicking on this link to obtain a pre-qualification form. You may delete upon completion or email to set up an appointment with you, your financial advisor and the Foundation Legacy Endowment Professional.

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